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Random thoughts while swimming against the tide


Welcome to my website, still not finally live despite a lot of wrangling, fiddling, changes, updates, changes of mind and more. Which might suggest to you, correctly, that I am a perfectionist, never fully satisfied with anything. Which means, sometimes to my cost, that I can find myself swimming against the tide of popular opinion… but more relevantly just now, it means that I’m not satisfied with the building of this site and it’s not yet ready to go live.

The problem has been that although I created several websites some years ago using Elementor, that esteemed page builder has changed beyond recognition and I’m having to learn it all over again. And, perhaps inevitably, there are things whichnare either glitches or, more likely, my lack of skill.

So while I’d love you to keep me in mind, please don’t expect too much right now – but do come back again later! And I’d be very happy to hear from you about any topic (subject to reasonable limits of decency etc, of course) at any time: use the ‘Get in touch‘ link above.